Monday, May 3, 2010


Please excuse the misspellings and improper grammar. I did go to the Harvard of the MAC but I didn't learn much there.

I decided I needed to go see someone else about this. I had seen the effects of chemotherapy and radiation with my mother many years ago. The side effects were devastating. I am determined not to put myself through that. Seeing her suffer was unbearable! I am convinced I would have eventually met the same fate had I decided to go with Dr Yetman.

I have learned a lot about cancer, the causes, the effects etc... over the last month or so. Cancer is caused by toxicity in the body. I don't think any doctor, traditional or " alternative" would argue with that. The problem I have seen with traditional cancer treatments has opened my eyes to the total failure this so called war on cancer has been over the last 50 years or so. It is estimated that 50 BILLION dollars has been spent on research for a cure and on drugs. Cancer is the leading cause of death in the industrialized world. Statistics show that 1 in 2 men will have cancer at some point in their life, and 1 in 3 women. This is mind boggling how this has gotten to be such a problem with this great technology we now have. 8 out of 10 people in the industrialized world will die from either heart disease and cancer. That means that 2 of 10 will die from all others causes ( this includes other diseases, war, suicide, accidental death, car accidents, drug overdoses, etc..... ) How can this be, with all of these miracle drugs and technology, there are more people getting and dying from cancer than ever before?

I have come across a lot of statistics regarding cancer, but two of the most disturbing to me are the fact that 75- 95 percent of cancers are caused by toxins in our environment and in our bodies. These levels or toxins are measurable. The toxins found in our bodies can range from pesticides from the food we eat, toxic metals from things like deodorant and makeup to more serious types such as mercury and lead poisonings. A great deal of the fish consumed are highly contaminated with mercury. When you eat the fish, you eat the mercury. Mercury is the same thing found in old school thermometers. I remember being told when I was younger how dangerous the mercury the thermometer contained was and if it ever broke stay away. Would it not be logical to think that having that in our systems could cause us a great deal of harm? The point of all of this is the majority of the traditional methods of treating cancer do not deal with toxins in the body. Does this not make any sense to anyone but me? If these toxins are causing almost all types of cancers, why is this issue completely ignored by conventional medicine. I came across a good explanation of the way traditional medicines treats cancer. Here it goes.....

When your check engine light on the car comes on, it is usually a sign that something internally is wrong with the car and should be addressed. Instead of opening the hood or doing tests on the car to find out the cause, you take the fuse out of the check engine light so the problem is supposedly "fixed". The light is gone, the car may run properly for a while but eventually the engine is going to blow if the cause of the light going on is not addressed. Traditional cancer treatments pull the fuse out, do not address the cause, the cancer may have gone into " remission" for while. Eventually the engines blows and the cancer comes back stronger and more vicious.

Dr Buttar, who I have chosen as my doctor believes that if the underlying cause of the cancer is treated first, the immune system will take care of the rest. The immune system is the only thing that can rid the body of something as serious as cancer. Those with cancer have an immune system that is working improperly. Every single person on this planet is born with cancer cells in their body. I have read that most people have cancer up to 6 times in their lives, but with a properly functioning immune system the body rids itself of the cancer and it never becomes a problem. I am not a doctor, but this makes logical sense to me. It makes no sense to open my body up, take out my lymph nodes ( which the body needs to fight cancer) then poison my system when it is already at a weakened state. Chemotherapy are poisons introduced into the body to kill the harmful cells, unfortunately they kill most of the healthy cells as well. They severely damage the immune system and often times damage vital organs which ultimately leads to the majority of suffering from so called terminally ill cancer patients. A good friend of mine who was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma a few years ago who went through the traditional methods of treatement ( surgery, radiation, chemo) was given a clean bill of health after about a year and a half of suffering through the painful treatments. He is 36 years old and recently suffered a series of strokes, that the doctors claim were caused by the radiation. 36 year olds who live a healthy lifestyle should not have strokes!!!!!!!!!!!

Would it not make more sense to detoxify the body, and build up the immune system so it is fully functional to fight cancer, rather than cut and poison the body while ignoring the underlying issue which caused the cancer in the first place? My mother taught me from a young age to trust my gut! That is what I am doing here. In my opinion, the traditional methods of treatment are a failure and a joke in most cases! It is fueled by greed from both the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. ( That is a whole different story which will be addressed soon!!! )


Hello to all! I am going to start this blog so I can keep everyone informed about my progress and pass along some very useful information I have already learned and will learn in the future about cancer. I am sure my father is getting sick of getting phone call and answering questions as am I. So this may be the best outlet. I hope I can shed some light on some things that will prevent some of you from becoming ill, and hopefully to increase both the quality and quantity of life.

Here is a little background about how all this got started. I am sure people have heard many different versions of the story, some of which may be true, others probably not. Like the old game of telephone we all played in grade school, usually the original story told is not the one the last child hears.

I noticed a little mole on my right leg about 2 to 3 months ago. It looked just like a bigger freckle, I thought nothing of it. I have been doing yoga, ( thank God, otherwise I probably would not have noticed this mass getting bigger) and noticed that a few weeks later it had gotten a bit bigger. I thought it was a bit strange, I may have mentioned it to a few friends but still did not think much of it. About 2 weeks later, it had doubled in size, changed color, and began changing shape. I then became a bit alarmed and decided reluctantly to see a dermatologist. I went in, he cut it off, gave me a little pamphlet describing melanoma and told me I would get a phone call in 7 to 10 days if there was a problem, or a letter in the mail saying it was not a big deal. I was a bit alarmed at that point, the pamphlet I had been given described 5 symptoms of melanoma. I had all five of them! I decided to go home for Easter and forget all about it. I ended up overstaying my welcome at Dad's house as I usually do when back in Cleveland. I had a great time at home, forgot all about the doctor. It had been about ten days since the dermatologist visit, I had heard nothing and assumed there was a letter waiting for me in Charlotte saying I was fine. I jumped in my car to go see my good friend who was very pregnant at the time, then I was planning on heading back to Charlotte to resume my life. I was just pulling out of the driveway when the dermatologist told me that I had a stage 4 melanoma that needed to be taken care of immediately! I called dad, made an appointment at the dermatologist office in Cleveland and saw him that same day. They took a look, didn't make much of a big deal about it and sent me to an oncological surgeon. I ended up getting to see Dr. Yetman at the Cleveland clinc that next Monday. What an unpleasant visit that was. The doctor was one of the most negative, awful people I have ever encountered. He looked at me like I was already dead. I didn't have a good feeling about him the minute he walked in the door. My father said that he had done the reconstruction after my mother's breast cancer many moons ago. My dad said he was the same way then. What a miserable man!!!! Someone like that has no business speaking to someone who was recently diagnosed with cancer and looking for some sort of hope. He informed me that they would take out a large portion of my leg around the area, and take out some lymph nodes as well to test to see if the cancer had spread. He informed me of the severity of the type of melanoma I had as well as what he thought was a 10 percent chance it had spread. He then preceded to say that they would follow up with chemotherapy and radiation following the surgery. I knew from speaking to this jackass for 5 minutes that this was not the route I would take. ( I will keep this as clean as possible, I have some choice words to say about this man but I will try and keep them to myself because I'm sure my grandmothers and aunts will read this)

The man did not look myself of my father in the eye one time. Unbelievable! I asked him before he walked out the door, after he generously gave us 5 minutes of his time if there was anything I could do to improve my situation. He said no, whatever is done is done. There is nothing you can do, nothing you can eat that will help. He then said he was very busy but he would squeeze me in. What a guy!!!!!!! A man like that has no business dealing with people that come to him looking for answers and for HOPE!!!! He was quick to crush any thought of hope. This did not bother me so much, because I already knew there were tons of things that I could do to improve my situation. But I could see to someone leaving his office feeling like they would die and that was that. It is a terrible thing to take away HOPE from someone!!!!!!!!

Seeing this RETARD 1st was probably the best thing that happened to me. I knew there were other answers, better ways! That led me to doing as much research as I could and I came across Dr. Rashid Buttar.