Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Started Treatment today

First of all I would like to thank everyone who has called, e mailed, texted, facebook, sent things through the mail. I appreciate this all very much!!! If I have not gotten back to you I apologize and will do my best to do so. Also, getting cancer has been the single best thing that I could have ever done to acquire more facebook friends! If your friend list is lacking, I would suggest contracting some form of cancer, or at least telling people you have it. Worked like a charm so far!

Yesterday I went in to the doctor so he could look at the melanoma on my right leg. It was biopsied and removed a little over a month ago. It had grown back to almost original size since it was first removed. The doctor was a bit surprised so I went in yesterday to have it looked and and they decided to start the treatments. The doctor said if things are working properly the legion should eventually fall off. It did that yesterday after one day of treatment and about two weeks or so of detox!!!!! They were a bit surprised this happened so soon. This is very encouraging news! I fully expect this process to work but to see something like this so fast is fantastic!

The AARSOTA ( Autologous Antigen Receptor Specific Oncogenic Target Acquisition) came back from the lab earlier than expected so they started the treatments a bit earlier than expected. This vaccine is administered intramuscularly at specific intervals to promote an antigen-antibody response and provide immunological information to the antibodies. The immunological response enhances specific cancer fighting ability by the body's defense system. So I sat there for about five or six hours and received five or six IV treatments. I am back here again receiving IV treatments for most of the day. I will be getting to snooze in a hyperbaric chamber for an hour or so a few times a week. Should be sweet! I remember being very young and the papers claimed that Michael Jackson slept in one and how weird he was for doing so. I have now come to find out how good they are for you. The king of pop may not have been so weird after all!

I would also like to thank Princess Johnna and Little Buddy taxi cab services for the rides today!