Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hello to everyone. I want to thank everyone for their kind words, e mails, Facebook messages, texts, phone calls etc... I also received some things in the mail from family and friends. You know who you are. Thank you so much!!!!!!

In some of the notes, e mails, texts, voice messages some of you have left me messages assuming I am not feeling well or that this is an extremely difficult time and you can't imagine what it is like. I have to be honest and say that I have never felt healthier in my entire life. I was sick for about four days after the first AARSOTA shot during the first week. I felt a little ill after the second AARSOTA shot last Wednesday. That lasted till I fell asleep. I woke up last Thursday feeling great and have been feeling that way ever since. At first diagnosis this was an extremely difficult time. I had so many thoughts running through my mind it was difficult to focus on a positive outlook. That did not last long, after the initial shock wore off and I met with Dr. Buttar, all fear and worry disappeared very quickly. Day to day I feel fantastic! I can honestly say my moods are always good! I never event think about the fact that I was diagnosed with cacner. I think those I see on a daily basis would back that claim up. I have been extremely blessed to have such great support from family and friends!!!!! I have a fantastic medical staff that are wonderful! I spend a lot of time there and the atmosphere in the clinic is unbelievable positive and upbeat. The doctor and all his staff are truly remarkable. They are actually making a positive difference in the lives of many, myself included!

There is no room in a fight like this for fear or negativity. A single minded focus of a bright future is the only way to deal with this type of illness. There is only one possible outcome for this and that is to recover fully, albeit more aware and more prepared for the future. I cannot begin to explain what a positive effect this experience has had so far. The little things that one worries about on daily basis seem so petty and meaningless. It has given me a great appreciation for the little things in life. It can be sad that it takes something like this to truly understand the importance for the little joys in life. This experience has opened my eyes to a new way of good health and nutrition. My hope is that some of you have been exposed to something new that will make a positive impact on your own life as well as your loved ones. Some of my posts can seem like I am frustrated or angry at the situation. I have accepted my situation as a great learning experience and believe it will serve me well throughout the rest of my time here. I just hope to expose some of you to the travesties going on in the medical community. Awareness is key! My dad said some of you have been asking about my health since I have not really posted much about it. The other things seem more important to me right now. I assure you all that I am doing very well! It will be a great day when I can say that I am cancer free. Hopefully then you will believe there are much safer, more effective ways of treating cancer than most think. Although since day one of the diagnosis, I have felt NO physical symptoms of this so called stage 4 cancer they tell me I have. I think they may have fucked up at the pathology lab and switched my results with someone else. Even if they didn't, it is great to have the type of care that I am receiving. My immune system is getting stronger and the toxins are coming out of me. Either way, this will prevent further complications. The spot where the melanoma was on my leg fell off yesterday. It looks like a big mosquito bite now. The doctors said this is exactly what they wanted to see. Things are going great! I hope all of you are doing well and are learning as much as I am about all of this mess. My next few posts will probably be more rants about the insantity of the current medical system we are under. Be prepared!!!!!!!!

Cristobal Miguel Walsh