Monday, October 11, 2010



It's been a while since my last post. My health is wonderful, just about done with all of this nonsense. I met with a plastic surgeon a few weeks ago who was willing to remove the legion on my leg. I am scheduled to have surgery Monday, October 18th by Dr. Raj in Cleveland. Dr. Buttar thought it was time for the legion to be removed and finish up all of this. The surgeon is willing to work with our treatment plan which was difficult to find. Most of the surgeons wanted to treat cancer their way, which would mean removal of the legion, take out some of my immune system ( who needs it anyways?) burn me up with some radiation then finish me off with intravenous nerve gas ( chemotherapy). We were basically looking for a doctor that would not fuck up the last five months of significant progress we have made. The more I talk with "traditional" doctors the more I am sure I will never see one of them again for any ailment unless it was an emergency situation. It amazes me the total lack of logical thinking they seem to be missing when it comes to treating cancer.

I am scheduled to have two surgeries in the next month of so. The first is to remove the legion, which is now about the size of a silver dollar. The issue with the location is there is no skin to pull to cover up the wound. Once removed, the doctor is going to put a vacuum type device over the legion for a week or so. A second surgery is then going to be performed to replace the skin. The skin will be taken from my wrist or on my thigh, depending on how deep into the skin they had to dig out. The concerns are the legion may be wrapped around the tendon which could be a sticky situation. Dr. Buttar is convinced the legion is now a nodule melanoma which means it is sealed off from the rest of my body. He believes once the area is opened up legion should just come out with no problems. Should take 4 to 6 weeks of recovery time. I was told after the skin graph that I would be totally immobilized for at least a week to ensure the skin takes. This will give me some time to start blogging again.

I will keep everyone updated. I ask that all of you say a few prayers on the morning of the 18th that all goes well. Good intention from others goes a long way, I can tell you that from experience! I am confident this is the correct decision and all will turn out well!

Stay tuned, I have much to report. I have met some interesting patients and heard some interesting stories that hopefully will better inform all of you in regards to proper health and proper treatment of cancer.

Lastly, the cancer machine is in full effect this month. You probably see pink everyone, from the grocery store to the NFL players. This is complete bullshit!!!!!! This is a fucking scam from the American Cancer Society so they can continue fattening their pockets and NOT properly educate the public as well as pay off exorbitant salaries to their employees rather than put the money to cancer research. The money raised that isn't paid to its bloated overhead costs goes to fund the pharmaceutical machine. They have been claiming for 5o years the cure is right around the corner, they just need a little bit more money. COMPLETE FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!! The ACS is the one of the biggest con artist on the planet and they do nothing as far as prevention and education for cancer. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU GIVE MONEY TO THESE SHYSTERS!!!!!! They are not looking out for our best interest. I will give you a more complete history of this shady organization in the next few weeks. It is appalling!!!!!!!!!!! If you want to give to the cancer cause give to those that provide direct assistance to patients in need. There are many good cancer organizations and many awful ones. THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not be fooled by this nonsense!!!!!!!!!!

The pharmaceutical industry is never going to find a cure for cancer. They do not want to ever find a cure for cancer!!!!! Their 200 billion dollar a year industry would dry up overnight. If you think these crooks running big pharm are going to give up billions of dollars in profits you have lost your mind!!!!!!! Cancer has been cured naturally for a hundred years. The pharmaceutical industry and the American Cancer Society will continue to perpetuate this lie as long as it makes money! Cancer is a giant cash cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many more people have to suffer needlessly and die so these scumbags can make a buck?