Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Below are the ingredients for one of last years swine flu vaccines. The list of ingredients is unbelievable!!!!!!!!! I cannot imagine how anyone with a brain could possibly think injecting this into your body could provide any benefit whatsoever. Vitamin D has been proven to be much more effective in fighting the flu than any dangerous vaccine. Get a good Vitamin D supplement or get 15 to 30 minutes of direct sunlight per day. I have not hear of anyone coming down with autism, severe convulsions, brain disorders and death from sunlight or vitamin D. Too bad those side effects are common from those taking the flu vaccines. Australia, Finland and Sweden have already banned the seasonal flu vaccine as a result of abnormally high fatal side effects in children. Finland and Sweden are amongst the healthiest nations in the world, we should learn from their example.

The government and pharmaceutical companies will continue using their scare tactics to get people to inject themselves with their poison. Don't fall for this bullshit!!!! I have seen first hand over ten people and counting at Buttar's clinic what these vaccines are capable of. Just say no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dangers In The Shots – Components Of H1N1 Vaccines
They are considered a biodefense agents.
By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

Daronrix: Glaxo’s H5N1 bird flu vaccine:
Disodium phosphate: a white powder, water-soluble salt. It is used as an anti-caking additive in powdered products. This inorganic chemical is also used as a fungicide and microbiocide.

Formaldehyde: a known carcinogen and reproductive or developmental toxicant. Interestingly, according to PANNA, in 2007, California used 30,328 pounds of this carcinogen, as a microbiocide [a drug or other agent that can kill microbes] on the top 50 crops grown in the state.(8)

Octoxynol 10: (Also known as Triton X-100) A detergent, emulsifier, wetting and defoaming agent. [Octoxynol-9 is a spermatocide.] It can alter metabolic activity, damage membranes, and cause a rapid decline in cell function.

Polysorbate 80: Also known as Tween 80. It is used as an emulsifier in cosmetics, and is one of the ingredients in Gardasil, the cervical cancer vaccine that is being mandated promoted for teen-age girls. This ingredient is known to cause infertility, grand mal convulsions, spontaneous abortions, and life-threatening anaphylactic shock. So far, 28 Gardasil deaths have been reported.

Sodium Chloride: Refined table salt. Salt is a naturally occurring complex mineral that balances the water inside and outside our cells. Refined salt, sodium chloride, is chemically treated and contains many other hidden chemicals that destroy natural salt’s healing abilities. The body can get most of its daily requirement by eating a well-balanced, organic diet –eliminating processed foods. A good source is untreated, natural sea salt.

Squalene: A natural oil found in sharks (mostly found in their livers) and humans. The American Journal of Pathology (2000) reported that rats injected with squalene triggered “chronic, immune-mediated joint-specific inflammation”, i.e., rheumatoid arthritis. How will this affect people who already have an immune inflammation, or will it cause untold new cases (lupus, chronic fatigue)? Squalene is being added to all new vaccines. It is linked to the thousands of military who have contracted “Gulf War Syndrome” and have suffered irreparable auto-immune damage, including lupis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis.(9)

Thimersol: (MERCURY). Put in all multiple doses of vaccines. Any amount of mercury is highly toxic. There is no safe level. This is has been repeatedly linked to the increasing rates of autism, multiple sclerosis, and ADD.(10