Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I recently read a book titled DEADLY SPIN by Wendell Potter. This book reiterated a lot of what I thought to be true of many of the powerful industries in this country. Mind control is alive and real and large corporations often use it to benefit their bottom lines, profits. This book is an eye opening account of the type of methods large corporations use in order to sell their products, deceive the consumer and guide public opinion in their favor. The author was a high powered communications executive for two of the largest insurance companies on the planet. The things he describes in the book are deplorable. These large companies, including insurance, pharmaceutical, big oil, big agriculture, the military industrial complex and large tobacco to name a few. The lies and deceit used by these corporate giants to shape public opinion and lobby congress are unbelievable!!!!!!! My point in all of this is to be very careful of where you get your information, especially regarding health related topics. The mainstream media is bought and paid for by the large industries, therefore it is very unlikely that you will ever get the real stories about wrongdoings by these large corporations. You will most likely get very one sided accounts that benefit the major sponsors, while often times ignoring real facts. It is not in the best interest of the television networks, or magazines or newspapers to make their largest sponsors look bad.

A few examples from the book I thought were interesting were.....
BP commercials talking about how they are going green and looking for alternative fuel sources. The author claims this is total bullshit. Why on earth would a company making multi billion dollar profits from oil look to something else. He claims that BP spent 70 million dollars on their PR compaign to ease the blow on their image after the oil spill. Their image was a greater priority that the actual cleanup. He also claims that the major news networks are not telling the true story of the severity of the spill do to the fact BP is a huge sponsor for all for all of the major television networks.

He speaks on large corporations like Monsanto and pharmaceutical companies basically making up the laws set out by the FDA and USDA. These large government regulatory agencies are bought and paid for by the industry giants, giving them the power to write the laws that directly affect them. That is why the FDA continually green lights new drugs to market with little or no testing. He gives a good example of the VIOXX problem where 55,000 people died as a result of taking the drug before it was taken off the market. Drugs like these are often known to be extremely harmful but are put on the market anyway because there is no oversight whatsoever.

Monsanto and agencies like the USDA and FDA are revolving doors between them. This explains why our government continually passes insane laws that protect Monsanto but are detrimental to the entire worlds population ( like the current GMO debacle, and pesticide use that has proven to cause cancers)

These are just a few of the many examples of the corruption Potter points out in his book. It amazes me at the lengths these companies will go to for profits! Their greed is a sickness that threatens us all!

I often times will check a lot of these mainstream websites if I am in need of a good laugh. Going to the health section of or is hilarious! Anyone who has awoken to the truth about the medical industry can plainly tell that their sites are basically propaganda for the pharmaceutical companies. I read the Health section the other day in the Cleveland Plain dealer and laughed at how biased all of the information was towards drugs. The pharmaceutical companies ( along with the other large corporations) have completely hijacked the mainstream media. If you are looking for real news or actual facts concerning health, be aware of the websites' and/or TV channel's major sponsors. Watching television where literally 25 percent of all adds are paid for by the pharmaceutical companies, it is unlikely to get accurate information regarding health. Pharmaceutical companies do not make money on healthy people! Their job is to keep the public misinformed and uneducated about real health so they can continue to sell their poisons to unsuspecting customers. Wendell Potter, the author of Deadly Spin confirms all of this in his book. He was responsible for creating the misinformation and strategies to keep this corrupt and broken system in place. Next time you are reading the newspaper or browsing the Internet, be aware of the source of the information and keep an open mind about the true intent of the story.