Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Here is a picture at Eamon Damon's wedding two weekends ago of the Walsh clan. Find the stage 4 cancer patient. (FYI: I have been bald for a long time, it has nothing to do with cancer treatments. A few people have even told me it looks like my hair is growing back)
I went back and read some of the posts and it seems I have been bashing the doctor profession pretty good. That is not my intent with this blog. I know a lot of doctors and they are all wonderful people. I honestly believe most doctors get into the profession for all of the right reasons. I also believe that most doctors have their patients best interest at heart. My frustration and anger is at the system. The problems mostly stem from the greed of the pharmaceutical companies and the government agencies who protect their best interest rather than the interest of the public. More to come on this at a later date!

I had a few weeks off from treatment. It went much too fast. Time flies when you are having fun! I was called yesterday to find out I will start treatment next Tuesday. I will have the picc line put back in my arm next Monday. I will also be seeing the biological dentist next Monday to remove my mercury fillings. I have 8 fillings that need to be removed. Apparently it is a pretty serious procedure. I have to go to Dr. Buttar's clinic within a few hours of having them removed to take IV's as a precaution from the mercury removal. Whoever the dentist who put these in my mouth will be found and they are going to be footing the bill for this bullshit! I have been doing the chelation therapy and the tests show I have extremely high levels of mercury in me. I may need to do the chelation for up to a year or possibly longer to pull all of it out of my body. The American Dental Association will also be hearing from me in the near future!

It was good to be back in Cleveland and see a lot of family and friends. A lot of people were surprised how I look. I think most of you were expecting me to look like a corpse. I guess we have all been trained to link cancer to very sick looking people. I thought the same thing until learning about other options. I have lost a few pounds but other than that nothing has changed. The weight loss stems from the new diet which is very limited, but extremely healthy. I can honestly say my body has never felt better in my entire life! Pretty amazing for someone going through treatment for a stage 4 cancer. I am as active as I have ever been. People who I see in Charlotte on a regular basis who I have not told about the cancer would have no clue. I am sorry to say that most people with stage 4 cancer going through "conventional" treatment do not look healthy. If you go to the Cleveland Clinic or any other traditional cancer hospital and look at the patients there compared to the patients at Buttar's clinic, the contrast is astounding!!!!! I have a lot more info to pass on. I took some time off the blog but I will be back at it in the next few days. I hope the information being passed on is useful! I have gotten some good feedback over the weekend. There are so many more people reading this thing than I could have ever imagined. If you find the information useful or relevant to your life, pass it along to someone else you think could benefit. I think everyone could use some info on good health based on the current state of the overall health of this country.
I told some of you I saw these past few weeks I would pass along my e mail. Send me any questions or comments. I have been doing a lot of research and reading and I feel I have a lot of good information that is useful to someone dealing with cancer. Unfortunatley I have learned about some family members and some friends and their family members dealing with cancer over the last few weeks. Things need to change, cancer is out of control and can be prevented and managed if done properly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!