Monday, January 3, 2011

DR BUTTAR and his son ABIE

This story came from Ty Bollinger's Cancer Truth blog. This is a short story written by Dr. Buttar of how he came to treat his own son for autism. If you know of anyone who has a vaccine injured children pass this along. It is a very inspiring story!

The information is relevant to us all. Heavy metal toxicity is the culprit to many of modern man's ailments. Auto immune diseases are often caused by toxic systems, yet go unrecognized by modern medicine. In my time at the Center for Advanced Medicine this summer, all of the patients with a very wide range of symptoms and diseases had heavy metal toxicity. Every one of the cancer patients had high levels of mercury, myself included. Removing these toxic metals is a key to allowing the human body to work as it was so brilliantly designed to do!

My son Abie lost his ability to speak around the age of 14 months. His limited vocabulary of about 15 or so words rapidly disappeared within a few weeks of his third set of inoculations. His first word, “Abu” (meaning “father” in Arabic) was the first to disappear. His mother and I had decided we would not inoculate our son due to the presence of thimerosal (ethyl mercury) in vaccinations, which as mentioned, is used as a preservative. As I was considered one of the up-and-coming leading authorities in metal toxicology, there was no way my son would be exposed to mercury. Unbeknownst to me, however, my now ex-wife had gotten Abie the regularly scheduled vaccines because she had listened to the fear-evoking propaganda fed to her by the pediatricians and the doctors at the hospital when she delivered. She had gone back and gotten the inoculations the day after Abie first came home at the ripe age of one day old, and then had taken him for all his subsequent vaccines. By the age of two, he was considered to be “developmentally delayed.”

Abie was born on January 25, 1999. In March 1998, ten months prior to his birth and a month before his conception, I had made the decision I would not see autistic and developmentally delayed patients any longer. Looking back, it’s clear that God had a specific plan for me, but I was moving away from the right path. Now I understand that this experience was nothing more than God upping the ante, sending me a clear message: “You’re going to do what you were meant to do, what you were created to do!” It was obvious to me that Abie’s loss of speech was more than a transient delay in his development. As time passed, the pediatricians kept saying the same thing. “Oh well, there’s probably nothing there. Just wait. Maybe he’s a late developer.” But I knew there was something wrong because he had lost his ability to speak. It wasn’t that he never acquired it. He had lost it! A twelve-to-fifteen-word vocabulary isn’t much, but it’s still something! And now those words were all gone.

I didn’t know what to do. Although I had treated hundreds of patients with mercury and lead toxicity, I hadn’t treated a child this young. I knew from having treated autistic children in the past that his behavior was the same, with the toe walking, hand flapping and stimming—repetitive stereotypic behavior commonly found in developmental delays indicative of decreased sensory input—and that terrified me. I knew my son was not supposed to be like this. I subsequently spent thousands of hours—many if not most of them late at night, sometimes all night—studying, researching, learning, crying and praying that my son would be returned to me. I pleaded, begged and threatened God. I bartered with the Creator, negotiating my arms or my legs in exchange for the return of my son. Throughout this ordeal, Abie always looked at me with his gentle, milk-chocolate-colored eyes that would say, “Don’t worry, Dad, I know you’ll figure it out.”

Eventually I did. Realizing that mercury was the most likely culprit, I tested Abie four times before his challenge test finally came back positive for mercury. As a result, I developed an innovative detoxification method for him, which up until then had never been contemplated. Five months after I began his detoxification, Abie went from no language to a vocabulary of five-hundred-plus words. He was nearly three and a half years old. On May 6, 2004, at the age of five, Abie became the youngest formal witness to appear before the U.S. Congress, testifying in front of the U.S. Congressional Sub-Committee on Human Rights and Wellness regarding innovative methods to treat neurological injuries and the dangers of mercury in vaccines.

Today, people ask me if he’s “normal.” It makes me smile to think about it, because he’s anything but normal. He’s extraordinary, exceptionally handsome, surprisingly gentle, ahead of his peers in school in all subjects and two to three grade levels ahead in math and English, an incredible athlete in every sport he tries, a gifted martial artist who is a triple-crown state champion and ranked among the top ten in the world in both forms and sparring two years in a row and now working on his second-degree black belt in Taekwondo. He touches everyone who meets him, and to know him is to truly love him. Even the parents of the children he competes against come to me to remark on his style, grace and sportsmanship. It is, without any exaggeration whatsoever, truly one of my greatest life blessings to be his father. At the risk of sounding overly sentimental, I have at times literally felt such terrible sadness for the rest of world because they will never know the incredible and indescribable feeling of being Abie’s father.

One point about heavy metals I believe is crucial to understand is the synergistically destructive nature of this first category of toxins. In science, a lethal dose (LD) of any substance is measured as the amount needed to kill 1 person out of 100. This measurement is known as LD1. A substance with an LD17 would be sufficient to kill 17 people out of a 100. If you took an LD1 of mercury (sufficient mercury to kill 1 out of a 100) and you took an LD1 of lead (sufficient lead to kill 1 out of a 100) and put these amounts in the same 100 people, you would kill all 100 people! That’s how synergistically dangerous heavy metals are, and virtually everyone is walking around with more than one of these toxins in their bodies.

There is just one study of which I’m aware that has been conducted to assess the synergistic destructive nature of heavy metals. Done in the 1970’s, it looked at only mercury, lead and cadmium. So we really don’t know how destructive some of these other metals are when combined with other metals within the same individual. However, all these substances are removable through the proper detoxification protocols. In time, the body can completely be cleaned, rebound and rebuild itself, leaving no room for chronic disease to begin, as long as you maintain your body’s lowered burden of toxins.

More than thirty-five hundred doctors in the United States address the issue of chronic heavy-metal toxicity. However, most of these doctors don’t have any training in addressing this crucial issue of heavy metals and fewer than two hundred of them are board certified through the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology (ABCMT) in heavy metal toxicology. I strongly suggest you find one of these board-certified or board-eligible doctors at, the board’s official website. Remember that the medical hierarchy does not recognize chronic metal toxicity as an issue that should be addressed and also does not recognize ABCMT, an organization founded almost thirty years ago. At the time of this writing, I serve as the chairman of ABCMT