Friday, February 4, 2011


Check out this AMAZING video by Bruce Lipton PHD, a cell biologist and best selling author. Bruce discusses the power of the subconscious and conscious minds and the role they play in creating our lives. The mind is responsible for both health and sickness. He debunks the myth that our genes totally control our life. Our genes are merely a blueprint. The myth that we have a certain gene that may give us cancer, heart disease or whatever ailment we believe is hereditary is simply not true. He speaks on the placebo effect and how conventional medicine completely ignores it yet it has been proven to be effective in the healing process. He discusses allopathic medicine's faulty thinking and how it leaves out some very important factors for our body's own ability to heal. I hear so many people talk about how a certain disease runs in their family or that the ailment they have is somehow a product of faulty genes and there was nothing that could be done to avoid it. All myths!!!!!!! The video is fascinating and provides hope for all of us to live better, healthier lives using the incredible power of the mind.