Sunday, June 27, 2010


This one was somewhat shocking to me. I used to eat soy a lot, thinking I was getting a good, healthy snack. I was under the impression that soy was the greatest food on the planet. Soy is in everything. Look at your labels, it is unbelievable how many foods contain soy. It turns out soy is not nearly as good as I was lead to believe. The soy industry, lead by Monsanto did a marvelous job of brainwashing the public to believe that it was nature's perfect food. It turns out it can be extremely harmful.

Soy has very high concentrations of manganese. Soy has a very high concentration of fluoride and a very high concentration of glutamate.

Glutamate is an amino acid called glutamic acid, and it is one of the most abundant neurotransmitters in the brain. Its concentration outside of the brain needs to be carefully controlled because of toxicity. Glutamates are excitotoxins, or chemicals that are harmful to the brain. They are often found in PROCESSED FOODS. The food industry has gotten very clever and figured a way to legally change the name of very harmful ingredients to sound better. Glutamates can be labeled as hydrolyzed protein or hydrolyzed vegetable protein, soy protein or soy protein concentrates, soy isolates, MSG, caseinate, autolyzed yeast enzymes, artificial flavors and natural flavors. These all sounds much healthier than what they really are, POISON! If you see natural flavors or natural colors on the labels, it is code word for a chemical added to your food that often have highly addictive properties. The food industry has lobbied Congress so they do not have to include over 15,000 ingredients on the food labels. Natural flavors is a common substitute for some bullshit chemical that is really in there. These chemicals are added to get the consumers addicted to their products and/or to make people fat. The reason behind their thinking is that fat people eat more food and therefore buy more of their products. I am not making this shit up!!!!! This is all well documented. Look it up!!!!!!!! There are hundreds of books written on this. Ever wonder why you can't put down a bag of Doritos. I used to eat a whole big bag during a sitting. I was home last week and had a bag of Doritos in front of me and curiously read the ingredients. The label had about ten secret code words as ingredients, including natural and artificial colors and flavoring as well as dyes and about ten other things I could not pronounce. All of those ingredients are chemicals that are extremely harmful to our health!

Back to soy. Studies show if you feed soy to animals that have breast cancer, it makes the cancer grow more quickly. Manganese, fluoride, and glutamate are terrible brain toxins! Giving soy formula to infants has been associated with Parkinson's disease. Manganese has been shown to cause brain atrophy!

Soy has been shown to be powerful aromatase stimulator. Aromatase is an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. Breast cancers produce a lot of aromatase. Things that stimulate a breast cancer also stimulate aromatase. Soy massively increases aromatase!!!! My doctors and all of the nutrition experts have told me the same thing. Stay away from soy at all costs, cancer patients especially !!!!!!!! Look at labels, you would not believe how many different types of foods contain soy. Soy is mostly genetically modified. The long term backlash from that will not be known for many years to come. I promise the results will not be good! Genetically modified foods have already shown increased evidence that they induce sterility.

A few other fun facts about soy: It has been linked to cancer, the destruction of bones, as well as creating havoc with our hormonal systems. Soy has also been linked to depression of thyroid function, causing autoimmune thyroid disease as well as thyroid cancer. Soy beans have been genetically modified to have built in insecticides. Does it sound like a good idea to ingest insecticides? Soy products have also been found to contain aluminum. Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer's and has also linked to damage of infant's kidneys who consume soy formula. Soy also contains lysinoalanine which is a known carcinogen. If this is not enough to get you to stop eating soy, there are many books and articles solely written on the dangers of soy.

It is sad but it seems like the foods we consume the most are the foods that are the most dangerous. The less processed the food, the better. A good rule of thumb is if the food did not exist when you grandparents grew up, don't eat it. If the food does not rot ( Twinkies) don't eat it. Watch the movie Food Matters! It talks a lot about genetically modified foods and the dangers of how are foods are made and processed. It is truly eye opening! The movie talks about Monsanto, the evil food giant. Look them up and see what they are up to, it is truly scary!


I am going to give you some quotes from Susan Somers book "Knockout". She interviews "alternative" doctors who are curing cancer using non toxic remedies. I was reluctant at first to read her book but it turns out she is a very well respected author and an activist for the use of alternative, non toxic cancer treatments. I would also recommend this book to anyone looking for more information on alternative cancer treatments. These doctors interviewed are having phenomenal success treating all types of cancers. This information comes from Dr. Russell Blaylock. Dr. Blaylock is an oncologist, brain surgeon and nueroscientist as well as an author. He was a neurosurgeon for 26 years, now deciding to focus full time on nutrition research. I would say this man is probably qualified. Here is a quick quote regarding cancer and nutrition " We know that a combination of nutrients has a far better chance of controlling cancer than anything conventional medicine has to offer"

He is asked what is the problem with medical schools in this country. He states " The problem with medical centers is two things. One, the medical centers get most of their funding or large blocks of their funding from pharmaceutical companies, and these companies produce all the major manufacturing chemotherapeutic agents and other drugs used in cancer patients. When you give millions of dollars, tens of millions of dollars, to universities such as Harvard, Yale or Columbia or Duke, you're not going to have physicians who are dependent on pharmaceutical money criticizing chemotherapy. They'll lose their grants and the president of the university will tell them' " we are at risk of losing tens of millions of dollars." If they continue, they risk being let go by the university. Researchers and doctors in big universities actually depend on these grants both from government and from the private institutions for their survival. Who gives the grants? The pharmaceutical companies. Who controls the grants the government gives? The pharmaceutical companies. So both the government and the pharmaceutical companies are making billions of dollars off the improper treatment of cancers. The medical student goes to medical school all excited because he is told it's the greatest medical school in the world, and then they start teaching him about all the drugs. This student pays no attention to biochemistry- medical students hate biochemistry, think its a waste of time. They can't wait to start learning about how to deal with drugs, radiation, diagnostic tests and chemotherapy. Basic science are just a lot of nonsense. The only basic science they know is how a drug works. As a result, our medical students are poorly educated and they don't even realize it. They are ignoring a mass of knowledge of plant extracts, flavanoids, vitamins, and minerals, and it is so extensive. The science is so well demonstrated, there's just no excuse for not using it in everyday cancer patients."

He is later asked if the powers that be want to find a cure for cancer. His answer is that " The problem is that it has gotten to be such a big business. If we found a cure to cancer, there would be a terrible economic impact. Hospitals would have to get rid of all their mammogram units; they would get rid of a lot of the CT scanners and MRI scanners. Oncologists would be out of jobs; radiology units would close. The impact would be hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars. The pharmaceutical companies would lose major revenues. The impact would be enormous, and that is what keeps research from following a course that would lead to truly curing patients."

I cannot think of another business that is as corrupt and as profitable as the cancer business ( maybe the war business, oddly enough is run by the same people running the pharmaceutical and chemical industries). The people producing the toxins in the environment and food that are causing cancer are the same people running the pharmaceutical companies, thus setting the policy. The pharmaceutical companies are wolves in sheep's clothing!!!!!!!! Beware!!!!!