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Pharmaceutical drug contamination of waterways threatens life on our planet

Below is the link to a good article talking about the pollution of our waterways by the pharmaceutical companies. Very informative

Sunday, July 25, 2010


The link below has a great chart on pesticide content of fruits and vegetables. Certain fruits and veggies are so heavily sprayed it is unadvisable to eat unless they are purchased organic. This list will give you a good idea what is safe to eat. I would recommend trying to buy all organic if possible but the costs can be an issue for some. The list is very helpful! Thanks to Susan Paez for the information!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I would like to again thank everyone for the support. I continue getting letters, calls and e mails from so many of you. There was recently a fundraiser held that I heard was a great success. I would like to again thank all of you for your participation in that! I am surprised to get e mails from people I have never met, some in other states telling me they someone have come across the blog and have found the information useful. I am glad that this blog has been helpful. I was thinking about stopping but the overwhelming response tells me I should continue to supply information.

I will be going to the clinic twice per week for a while to further treatment. Dr Buttar is injecting my leg with ozone gas to kill the remaining cancer encapsulated in my leg. The ozone will finish the job and I may need to have a minor surgery to scoop out the legion on my leg. Just to be clear, had I just decided to have the surgery in the first place without the treatment of the immune system and the detoxification of the body, I would be in a much different place. My body's natural defenses have fought off and killed the cancer. That is the major difference between my chosen route and the traditional route.

A book that may interest some of you is THE TRUTH ABOUT THE DRUG COMPANIES by MARCIA ANGELL MD She was the editor of the New England Journal of Medicine for 20 years or so. She is very familiar with the industry. It is a very interesting look at how drugs are made, patented and than put on the market.

I have already posted this but check out It has a lot of great info, similar to things I talk about. It seems at least once a week, sometimes more often there are stories of pharmaceutical companies covering up results of clinical trials that showed severe illness and deaths as a result of their drugs. Avandia is the latest culprit. Check out the story, that is the caliber of people and business we are dealing with in the pharmaceutical industry. Profit is the bottom line! Nothing else matters, no matter how many people have to die.

Does anyone remember Vioxx,the arthritis wonder drug? I took this many years ago for my shoulder. 60,000 people died from the recommended use of the drug. The company was well aware of the effects and had no problems putting it on the market. These are the real terrorists in this country. Last year over 106,000 people died from prescription drugs!!!!!! 106,000 deaths represents only those who followed their doctors orders of the proper dosage. This number does not include all of those who suffered severe illness or injury.

The sad thing is the pharmaceutical companies do the testing on these drugs and submit them to the FDA. There is no outside testing necessary to put these drugs to market. These companies have a long track record of being unethical in every sense of the word yet we are entrusting them with our safety?

According to the 2003 medical report Death by Medicine, by Drs. Gary Null, Carolyn Dean, Martin Feldman, Debora Rasio and Dorothy Smith, 783,936 people in the United States die every year from conventional medicine mistakes. These numbers are mind boggling. My best advice is do yourself a favor and take your health into your own hands and take yourself out of this equation!

Again, if I have not called back, e mailed or any of that I apologize and will get back to you soon. Please continue your thoughts and prayers! They have been a great benefit! Thanks to all!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stop fluoridation of the water supply

Check out this website about the fluoridation of water. There is a place where you can fill out a form to petition Congress to ban this practice. Do your research about the toxic effects of fluoride in the water. Fluoride is a nuero toxic poison that is being added into our water supply because the aluminum business didnt want to pay for the disposal of its waste. This practice was started in Nazi Germany to sedate the prisoners of the concentration camps. This practice is insanse and totally illegal. It is illegal to mass medicate a population yet nothing is being done about this. This is another example of our government overlooking the public's health and saftey in favor of big business. Every time you drink you tap water, shower, or cook using water you are ingesting this poison. This needs to stop! Take action and fill out the form which takes 30 seconds.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Several people have come to me and expressed interest in what they do at the Center for Advanced Medicine. A few cancer patients have come to me with questions. If anyone would like information on the services provided or have questions about my treatment feel free to call or e mail me any time. Whether I know you or not, I am open to discussing my treatment. I believe what he is doing here needs to be known. There are much better options for treating cancer and other chronic disease than most people are aware of.
cell number is 440 829 7141

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860) was a German philosopher known for his philosophical clarity. I believe he made one of the most valuable observations on the shifting of human views on truth as he stated that all truth goes through three steps:

1.First, it is ridiculed.
2.Second, it is violently opposed.
3.Finally, it is accepted as self-evident

I think this observation fits the cancer system perfectly. We are brainwashed to believe that cancer has three methods for treatment. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Doctors who dare to challenge this norm or often labeled as quacks or charlatans. I am proof that this norm needs to be changed. Had I gone this route I would be missing my lower right leg, my already weakened immune system would have been obliterated and my risk of contracting cancer later in life would have increased by 9 TIMES!!!!!!! Talk to anyone who has gone through chemo and ask them about the side effects. I see what chemotherapy does to people on a daily basis. Many of the patients here came here because they could no longer tolerate the poisoning of their systems. The pharmaceutical corporations continue to perpetuate this lie to protect their obscene profits. The doctors are taught these lies at the medical schools funded by big pharm. Pharmaceutical companies push their agendas through the medical schools by funding and large grants to researchers at many of the top universiites. It is a brilliantly evil plan developed by one the most corrupt and harmful sectors of business on the planet. The pharmaceutical companies have become so powerful and ruthless they are the ones who make laws in this country regarding health care. The pharmaceutical industry has over 1000 lobbyists in Washington pushing their agendas. The FDA is in the back pocket of this industry, their reach stretches far and wide. We are the ones who suffer from their greed!

I am here to tell you there are much safer, more effective ways of treating cancer. 3 months after diagnosis for stage 4 melanoma my cancer is not longer a threat to my life. I met with Dr. Buttar last Thursday and received some great news. He said my immune system is working properly and the cancer is in defense mode. It is out of my body for good. The spot on my leg that caused this uproar is proof of this. The chemistry of my body has been changed so that cancer can no longer survive. The doctor is waiting for the melanoma site to ulcerate so the remaining cancer literally drains out of my body. The area has become swollen as a result of the cancer having nowhere else to go. The doctor expects the area to start draining any day now. The last tests have shown lactic acid and ammonia pouring out of my body. This is one of the markers he uses to determine what the cancer is doing. I have two more weeks of treatment and then I can go back to life. I am still required to come to the clinic once a week for treatment for a few months. The treatment will then be scaled down to every 2 weeks then down to once a month. The lifestyle changes that I have made will continue the rest of my life. No refined sugars or alcohol. Organic foods only. If their are any added chemicals to the food, can't eat it. This is a tough one, look at the labels of everything you eat. It is difficult to find foods in their natural state at your normal grocery store. All of these things are a fair trade off for a second chance at life!

I urger any of you who are going through something like this to do your research and explore your options. There are a lot of doctors treating cancer patients with non toxic, extremly effective methods similar to what I have done. Do your research, talk to many different doctors and find the one that feels right to you. Going to your doctor and trusting them blindly is not recommended. I am very weary of the medical profession after all of this. The influence of the big pharmaceutical companies has touched most doctors whether they know it or not. The methods they were taught in medical schools are not methods that necessarily are in the best interest of the patients. Rather they serve the best interst of the pharamceutical companies. Doctors have a much greater knowledge of toxic drugs rather than nutrition. This makes no logical sense!!! These drugs are poison, I am seeing the effects firsthand from many of the patients at the clinic. Look at the number of prescriptions written each year. The number of people on Prozac in this country is so high the EPA has reported finding it in our water supply from urine. Prescrbing toxic drugs with horrible side effects is not serving us. The United States pays more money for health care than any other industrialized nation on the planet yet we are 46th in overall health. We are also one of the fattest and sickest nations on the planet. We consume more pharmaceuticals and eat more shit than any nation on the planet. Take control of your own health. Become your own doctor, feed your body what it needs. Our health care system is a complete joke. How is it that the wealthiest, most powerful nation is also one of the sickest. How is it that we lead the world in chronic, preventable diseases? The same reason why we are the most powerful and wealthiest nation. Greed! Educate yourselves on the attrocites being commited by chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Awareness breeds change!

I appreciate all of the support from all of you. I hope you have learned something from my experience. Cancer has been the best learning experience of my entire life! I am convinced had I been another victim of the Cleveland Clinic my life would have taken a totally different route. Please consider the option I have taken if cancer treatment is needed. The more people who reject the current model,which is barbaric and outdated, the better a chance of a change being made. I have seen too many people suffer needlessly at the hands of big pharms poisons. My mother being one of them. It has to stop! There are much better ways! I am proof of this! Thank you to all for your support. I will keep blogging for the forseable future to keep everyone updated on the last few weeks of treatment. Ill continue to pass along information that I think may be useful.

Good article from about the effects of chemotherapy

(NaturalNews) One of the side effects of chemotherapy is, ironically, cancer. The cancer doctors don't say much about it, but it's printed right on the chemo drug warning labels (in small print, of course). If you go into a cancer treatment clinic with one type of cancer, and you allow yourself to be injected with chemotherapy chemicals, you will often develop a second type of cancer as a result. Your oncologist will often claim to have successfully treated your first cancer even while you develop a second or third cancer directly caused by the chemo used to treat the original cancer.

There's nothing like cancer-causing chemotherapy to boost repeat business, huh?

During all this, the pharmacists are peddling these toxic chemotherapy chemicals to their customers as if they were medicine (which they aren't). While preparing these toxic chemical prescriptions, it turns out that pharmacists are exposing themselves to cancer-causing chemotherapy agents in the process. And because of that, pharmacists are giving themselves cancer... and they're dying from it.

Why pharmacists are dying of cancer
People who live in glass houses should never throw stones, they say. And you might similarly say that pharmacists who deal in poison shouldn't be surprised to one day discover they are killing themselves with it.

Chemotherapy drugs are extremely toxic to the human body, and they are readily absorbed through the skin. The very idea that they are even used in modern medicine is almost laughable if it weren't so downright disturbing and sad that hundreds of thousands of people are killed each year around the world by chemotherapy drugs.

Now you can add pharmacists to that statistic. For decades, they simply looked the other way, pretending they were playing a valuable role in our system of "modern" medicine, not admitting they were actually doling out chemicals that killed people. Now, the sobering truth has struck them hard: They are in the business of death, and it is killing them off, one by one.

The Seattle Times now reports the story of Sue Crump, a veteran pharmacist of two decades who spent much of her time dispensing chemotherapy drugs. Sue died last September of pancreatic cancer, and one of her dying wishes was that the truth would be told about how her on-the-job exposure to chemotherapy chemicals contributed to her own cancer.

Secondhand chemo
The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA), it turns out, does not regulate workplace exposure to toxic, cancer-causing chemotherapy chemicals. At first glance, that seems surprising, since OSHA regulates workplace exposure to far less harmful chemicals. Why not chemo?

The answer is because the toxicity of chemotherapy has long been ignored by virtually everyone in medicine and the federal government. It has always been assumed harmless or even "safe" just because it's used as a kind of far-fetched "medicine" to treat cancer. This, despite the fact that chemotherapy is a derivative of the mustard gas used against enemy soldiers in World War I. Truthfully, chemotherapy has more in common with chemicals weapons than any legitimate medicine.

So today, while workers are protected from secondhand smoke in offices across the country, pharmacists are still being exposed every single day to toxic, cancer-causing chemicals that OSHA seems to just ignore. The agency has only issued one citation in the last decade to a hospital for inadequate safety handling of toxic chemotherapy drugs.

As the Seattle Times reports, "A just-completed study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) -- 10 years in the making and the largest to date -- confirms that chemo continues to contaminate the work spaces where it's used and in some cases is still being found in the urine of those who handle it..."

That same article goes on to report more pharmacists, veterinarians and nurses who are dead or dying from chemotherapy exposure:

• Bruce Harrison of St. Louis (cancer in his 50's, now dead)
• Karen Lewis of Baltimore (cancer in her 50's, still living)
• Brett Cordes of Scottsdale, Arizona (cancer at age 35, still living)
• Sally Giles of Vancouver, B.C. (cancer in her 40's, now dead)

The great contradiction in cancer treatments
As the Seattle Times reports:

"Danish epidemiologists used cancer-registry data from the 1940s through the late 1980s to first report a significantly increased risk of leukemia among oncology nurses and, later, physicians. Last year, another Danish study of more than 92,000 nurses found an elevated risk for breast, thyroid, nervous-system and brain cancers."

The story goes on to report how new safety rules are being put in place across the industry to protect pharmacists, veterinarians, nurses and doctors from toxic chemotherapy chemicals. But even the Seattle Times, which deserves credit for running this story, misses the bigger point:

If these chemicals are so dangerous to the doctors, nurses and pharmacists dispensing them, how can they be considered "safe enough" to inject into patients who are already dying from cancer?

It's a serious question. After all, if nurses can become violently ill after merely spilling chemotherapy chemicals on themselves (it's true), then what effect do you suppose these chemicals have when injected into patients?

The cancer industry, though, has never stopped injecting patients long enough to ask the commonsense question: Why are we in the business of dispensing poison in the first place? Poison, after all, isn't medicine. Not when dispensed in its full potency, anyway.

The whole idea of "safety" in the cancer industry is to find new ways to protect the health care workers from the extremely dangerous chemicals they're still injecting into the bodies of patients. Something is clearly wrong with this picture... if health care workers need to be protected from this stuff, why not protect the patients from it, too?

Nobody ever died from handling herbs
In contrast to all this, consider the truthful observation that no naturopath ever died from handling medicinal herb, homeopathy remedies or nutritional supplements. These natural therapies are good for patients, and as a bonus, you don't have to wear a chemical suit to handle them.

Furthermore, medicinal herbs, supplements and natural remedies don't cause cancer. They support and protect the immune system rather than destroying it. So they make patients healthier and more resilient rather than weaker and fragile.

But herbs, supplements and natural remedies don't earn much money for the cancer industry. Only the highly-toxic patented chemotherapy drugs bring in the big bucks. So that's what they deal in -- poison for the patients. And when you deal in poison, some of it always splashes back onto you.

Chemotherapy doesn't work
Beyond this whole issue of pharmacists and health care workers dying from exposure to secondhand chemotherapy, there's the issue of whether chemotherapy actually works in the first place. Scientifically speaking, if you take a good, hard look at what the published studies actually say, chemotherapy is only effective at treating less than two percent of the cancers that exist. And that two percent does not include breast cancer or prostate cancer.

Yet chemotherapy is routinely used to "treat" breast cancer even though it offers no benefit to breast cancer patients. In effect, the cancer industry is engaged in a criminal treatment hoax that promises to make you healthier but actually gives you even more cancer -- which is great for repeat business, but terrible for the cancer patients who suffer under it.

The level of quackery at work right now in the cancer industry is simply astonishing. You would think that if doctors and pharmacists were dishing out these chemicals to patients, they would make sure there was some sort of legitimate science to back them up. But they haven't. The science doesn't exist. Chemotherapy doesn't work at anything other than causing cancer -- and it accomplishes that indiscriminately, damaging any person it comes into contact with. Merely touching chemotherapy chemicals is dangerous for your health.

So if you're considering chemotherapy for yourself, think about this long and hard: If chemotherapy is so dangerous that it's giving the pharmacists cancer just from touching it, why on earth would you want to inject it into your body?

This is not an idle question. It is perhaps the most important question of all for someone considering conventional cancer treatment using chemotherapy. The question is essentially this: If chemotherapy causes cancer, how can it treat cancer?

Treating cancer with chemotherapy is like treating alcoholism with vodka. It's like treating heart disease with cheese, or like treating diabetes with high-fructose corn syrup. Cancer cannot be cured by the very thing that causes it.

And to those who deal in poison, watch out for the cause-and-effect laws of biology. If you deal in chemotherapy chemicals, don't be surprised if you get cancer one day. If you deal in chemical pesticides, don't be surprised if you get Alzheimer's. If you're a dentist installing mercury fillings in the mouths of clients, don't be surprised if one day you just go stark raving mad (because mercury causes insanity, and dentists breathe in mercury vapor thrown into the air from their drills).

If you work around chemicals, they will eventually impact your health, and never in a good way. There's a karmic element in all this, too: If you spend your life dishing out chemotherapy drugs as a pharmacist, you have a lot to answer for. You have been an enabler of a very real chemical holocaust against the people. Don't be surprised if that holocaust turns against you one day. Karma tends to work that way. Cause and effect is a universal law that cannot be escaped.

And if you're a cancer patient, I urge you to think twice about the toxicity of anything you might allow in your body. If you are trying to HEAL your body, why would you allow yourself to be poisoned with a chemical that causes cancer?

Don't let some cancer doctor talk you into chemotherapy using his fear tactics. They're good at that. So next time he insists that you take some chemotherapy, ask him to drink some first. If your oncologist isn't willing to drink chemotherapy in front of you to prove it's safe, why on earth

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This link was sent to me by a family friend. It has a lot of really great information on a wide variety of topics concering health. There is a ton of useful information here. Check it out!

Monday, July 5, 2010

The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away: Simple Actions to Shift Your Body and Mind to Optimum Health for Greater Longevity

Below is the Amazon link to Dr. Buttar's new book 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor away. I have read a lot of books on health and nutrition and this is the best. It has so much useful information on many relevant topics. It is a quick, easy read. The book is hard to put down and will open your eyes! I would suggest everyone reads this book. I refer to the 9 Steps daily. It will be the best 20 dollars you have ever spent! Check it out.


I have received many requests to post foods that can be eaten. I have posted a lot about what to stay away from so I will try and put up some things that are actually good for consumption. Sad to say it is more difficult to find healthy foods that have any nutritional benefit at a grocery store than it is to find garbage that leads to cancer, heart disease, obesity, arthritis etc.... The following list is from the book Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillan. This is a very informative book covering all aspects of nutrition and cancer. I highly recommend this book to anyone, with or without cancer. The information could be very helpful in preventing as well as aiding in the treatment of cancer. This list is specific for cancer patients but it will improve the health of anyone who follows it's guidelines. Hopefully this helps! Many of you have given feedback and are quite confused about what actually is good. Ill continue to post foods that can be consumed. I am learning on the fly here so give me some time.

1. VEGETABLES - Vegetables are high in antioxidants, most have a low glycemic index and high in fiber. They are also high in anti cancer nutrients. Dr. Quillan breaks the vegetables into categories.
Colorful- beets, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, squash to name a few. The deeper the color the more phytochemicals. These phytochemicals are high in antioxidants and stimulate the immune system.
Cabbage family- cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower. These veggies have a series of anti cancer, detoxifying substances
Alum family- onions, garlic both contain bioflavanoids which can help revert a cancer cell back to a healthy cell.

2. COLD WATER FISH - salmon, haddock, halibut, bass, cod, mackerel, sardine and tuna (although tuna often has some of the highest levels of mercury, beware!!!) are all loaded with anti cancer fats. These fats slow down the spread of cancer and stimulate immune functions as well as contain minerals from the sea that are not commonly found in foods as a result of depleted soil. Fish high in mercury that should be avoided are tile fish, swordfish, king mackerel, shark, red snapper and orange roughy.

3. LEGUMES - garbanzo, kidney, and pinto beans have very high anti cancer properties. Most beans are good as long as they are unprocessed. When at a picnic eating baked beans thinking you are eating healthy, think again! They are often loaded with sugars which negate many of the healthy benefits. They have the cleansing activity of soluble fiber.

4. WHOLE GRAINS - oats, rice, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, barley corn, rye and American standard wheat contain valuable nutrients that help cancer deterioration. Sprout and puree barley, quinoa, and flax are all great! I have found Ezekial bread is the best option. It is often found in the freezer at health food stores. The ingredients are all organic, no chemicals or additives whatsoever.

5. KELP - Sea vegetables have special soluble fibers that carry harmful fats, pro oxidants, hormone residues and toxins out of the gut. Kelp is a great source of trace minerals.

6. COLORFUL BERRIES - raspberries, boysenberries, strawberries, dark cherries, blueberries, and blackberries just to name a few all have very powerful anti cancer properties. The best bet it to buy organic, they are a bit more expensive but are much healthier. These are great to mix together in a smoothie if you don't particularly like to eat fruit. If made properly it tastes like ice cream.

7. YOGURT - yogurt can fortify the body's defense system against infection and cancer. Beware of the yogurts most of us typically eat. Many of them are filled with sugar and other additives which make them actually bad for you. Most types like yoplait which I used to eat all the time are nothing more than tubs of sugar. Look for organic yogurt with no additives, except for maybe fruit.


9. HEALTHY SEASONINGS - mustard, curry, hot peppers, salsa, cinnamon, garlic, onions, ginger, sage, rosemary, thyme all have high anti cancer properties. These are just a few, but they are great alternative to salt, fat, and sugar.

10. CLEAN WATER - 2/3 of the human body is water. Water sustains life on this planet. Water is used to cleanse and dilute impurities, stabilize acid/base balance, and provides a healthy flow of nutrients into the cells as well as toxins out of them. The doctor has said that the best type of water are filtered where all the toxins such as fluoride and chlorine are taken out. Reverse osmosis is a good alternative as well. If you drink bottled water buy natural spring waters. Fiji is a great one but it is pricey. Most city drinking water has added fluoride which is very harmful to your health! Stay away as much as possible.

A few other things that I have come across that have proven very beneficial include bee pollen ( thanks the Mary and Kevin), olive oil, raw organic butter, fish oil, hemp and chia seeds, sesame seeds, coconut oil, walnuts, almonds, and grapes. One very helpful dish that I do 2 to 3 times daily is mixing about a cup of organic cottage cheese with a tablespoon to a tablespoon and a half of flax oil. Let it sit for a few minutes before consumption. The combination of the two helps balance out the essential fats in the body, making it useful to all systems of the body! The cottage cheese and the flax trigger the health benefits of eachother when mixed. The cottage cheese losees all of it's dairy properties when flax oil is added. Good news for those of you who are lactose intolerant! These recipe is part of the Budwig diet which has been hailed as one of the most potent anti cancer foods every found. These simple combination packs a powerful punch! I have come across this recipe in over 5 different books. Dr. Buttar is very adamant about this combination.

This is a short list of some of the best foods to look for. Organic is always better! Ill continue to post to help those of you who are looking for healthier ways to eat.

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Natural vs Organic

Mi amigo Susan Paez sent me this link.

Here is a good article about the differences between natural and organic. As you will read below, all natural or 100 percent natural means absolutely nothing. All natural is a great marketing tool used by the food industry to get the consumers to buy their garbage. This is the link to the site it came from. It looks like there is probably some other good relevant information. Check it out.

Natural vs Organic

“All Natural” Sounds good, but is it? Where's the Organic?

Natural vs Organic. Is there a difference?
You bet. A HUGE difference. Although the terms “natural” and “organic” are often used together or interchangeable it’s actually very different.

IGNORE THESE LABELS - They are just there to entice you to get you to buy their products -- this is BIG COMPANIES' ultimate goal and will do anything.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate claims of "all natural" or "natural vs organic". They might claim to, but in reality, they don't. Food companies can get away with using all sorts of non-natural processes and chemical ingredients in a food product that they claim is all natural.
I am here to educate you, the consumer. Please read on.
What does ‘natural’ means?
Its means NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING. According to Webster's new world dictionary, the word "natural" means, "produced or existing in nature; not artificial." By that definition, anything derived from plants, animals or elements found on planet Earth could earn the "all natural" label.
The key is in understanding that it's the process that's unnatural, not the source. When you chemically or structurally alter food ingredients into a form that no longer appears anywhere in nature, it's no longer natural, folks. Regardless, of what the food manufacturers claim. This make the difference between natural vs organic.

In the food industry today, there's NO official definition of "all natural." It means whatever the food companies want it to mean. It can mean, for example, that all the chemicals found in the product simply aren't listed on the label. (There's no requirement for food companies to list chemical contaminants found in their foods.)
A food labeled "all natural" can contain:
toxic heavy metals
trace amounts of PCBs
toxic fluoride
hidden MSG
high-temperature cooking byproducts
synthetic chemical vitamins
other non-natural substances
According to the FDA – their definition of “natural”…
Natural foods are processed without preservatives or additives, but may have been grown with the use of pesticides or other conventional methods. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the term ‘natural’ only as it applies to added color, synthetic substances, and flavors. The term ‘natural’ can include free-range and hormone-free, and it can mean that a product contains no synthetic ingredients or color additives. However, you should always check the label to be sure of a product’s ingredients. Check out Food Labels This is all perfectly allowed and tolerated by the FDA as well as all virtually every media outlet in the world. Cable news stations, magazines, newspapers and other media giants are all too happy to take money from junk food manufacturers and run their advertisements claiming their foods are "all natural." There is absolutely no effort to determine whether such claims are really true or even partially credible. Media companies simply take the money and run the promotions, regardless of whether such promotions tell the truth.
Wake up my friends – We need to stand up for our RIGHTS to eat RIGHT. There is little truth left in the food industry.
Natural vs Organic
In fact, the word "natural" on a food package may mean next to nothing because--unlike "organic"--"natural" has no meaning in law or regulation. For these reasons, the use of "natural" on food products all too often distracts attention from more important considerations. Makers of potato chips--and corn chips, pancake mixes, frozen waffles, frosted breakfast cereals, ice cream and other taste tempters want you to think “natural” is good for you or at least you not feeding your family junk. That's why the word "natural" appears so frequently on food packages these days.
Marketing experts know that, for many consumers, natural equals healthful, and that healthful sells.
Natural vs Organic
"Natural" is very misleading if it implies that a product is free of chemical additives (often not the case) or that competitors' products are "unnatural and therefore bad for you.
Organic to the Rescue Now that you know all about natural vs organic, how would you like to learn more about how to live an organic lifestyle, painlessly and inexpensively? Click here to learn everything from Organic Food to Organic Clothing and start living a healthy life.
The production of organic foods helps to honor the balance of nature through “old fashioned” farming methods. Conventional pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics and growth hormones are never used on organic farms. Instead, they use renewable resources and focus on soil and water conservation to help preserve the environment for future generations.
Organic farming is also regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) according to strict quality standards for growing and handling. To locate USDA Certified Organic products in the store, look for the USDA seal which ensures the product is 95-100% organic.
See Why Organic - 3Ws But the real secret to being a smart, skeptical consumer is to read the ingredients on the labels yourself. Analyze the ingredients and ignore the health claims on the front of the package. Health claims are meaningless. Visit our informative article: How to Read Food Labels. to learn more.
One last word I promise: I can’t say enough about this topic.
Consumers are very gullible and food manufacturers have mastered the art of selling people crap while getting them to believe it's actually good for them and that natural vs organic means the same thing. There's really no effort taken by the mainstream food industry to make foods healthy; there's only an effort to make them appear to be healthy. It's all about marketing.
The same junk food crap that wasn't labeled with any health claims two years ago is now labeled "all natural" and positioned in the healthy food section of the grocery store. Same ingredients, new spin.
Does this mean there aren't genuinely natural products available in the marketplace today? There are, but NOT by the big brand-name food companies. A few smaller, niche-market companies are offering real food these days, but you have to search them out. Companies like Ewehorn make honest cereals with no garbage ingredients, and there are lots of raw foods companies that produce truly outstanding food products (such as FoodsAlive ( also makes real food.

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GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!

I started back this week for the second round of treatments at the Center for Advanced Medicine. So far it has been an eventful week. Monday I had the picc line put back in my arm then a visit to the dentist to talk about removing mercury fillings from my mouth. Those dark fillings that are called silver fillings should be renamed mercury fillings. They contain 50 percent mercury, 20 percent silver and a mixture of a few other metals. The second most toxic substance known to man is implanted inches from our brains. Genius! Ill post more about mercury fillings in the next week or so. You will not believe how dangerous these fillings are. My dentist told me that about 50 percent of fillings put in today are still the mercury fillings which are linked to everything from cancer to Alzheimer's disease. Next time you visit the dentist to have cavities filled make sure you are not receiving mercury. You will pay the price for it down the road. The studies have shown the damage is not realized for 3 to 10 years after they are implanted. More on that later.

The good news is I have been feeling wonderful! I received the AARSOTA shot yesterday which has made me very ill in the past. The doctors did a new AARSOTA vaccine during the break because cancer is so adaptable. They are in a constant battle to stay ahead of the changing disease. Every few weeks the doctor takes what is called a cancer panel. I will explain this to you as best I can with my limited BGSU education. From what I understand, a cancer panel is a blood test sent out to a lab that tests the immune system and how healthy it is functioning. The test has 13 different markers related to the effectiveness of the immune system. For a person with a fully functioning immune system, cancer does not become a problem. Remember,we all of cancer cells in our bodies from birth. A healthy immune system fights them off usually without a problem. Once the body has become toxic and the immune system has been weakened, cancer shows its ugly head. I was tested before treatment and was found to have a weakened immune system. A big part of the treatment is to optimize the body and immune system so it is functioning normally once again. The immune system is the only thing that will fight off and kill cancer for good. Chemo, radiation, and surgery are only temporary options in dealing with cancer. Choosing these routes without some sort of immunotherapy is a recipe for disaster. One does not get cancer with a fully functioning immune system!!!! I have said this many times before but chemo and radiation severely damage an already weakened immune system. Often times chemo and radiation may slow or damage a tumor. The doctors say we got all of the cancer, you are sent home to return to your life as it once was. A few years later the cancer comes back in a different part of the body, usually more dangerous than before. The cancer that survived comes back stronger and resistant to all of the drugs. Bad news! I've seen this first hand with my mother.

The 13 markers for my immune system have all come back at highly elevated levels than the previous test a few weeks before. All of the numbers have come back to normal levels for a fully functioning immune system which is exactly what the doctors were hoping for. The two most important markers for cancer patients have to do with the natural killer cells. The natural killer cells are the soldiers of the immune system. If your natural killer cell activity is within normal range it is a good indication the immune system is strong and functioning properly. My immune system markers were below normal levels when I began the treatments. The natural killer cell activity is also a very important marker. This marker is as obvious as it sounds. If your immune system's killer cells are very strong but lazy, the immune system is not working at full strength. Both of these must be at full strength for the body to keep something like cancer from becoming a problem, in my case a stage 4 melanoma. These numbers from this past cancer panel have risen dramatically to well above normal levels. This is huge news! Once the immune system is working properly and the body has been detoxified, cancer cannot survive. This method for treatment gets rid of cancer for good if the individual chooses to follow the proper lifestyle modifications. That will not be an issue with me. Changing my diet at first was challenging but after seeing the benefits of eating so healthy, I could never go back. I look back on the way I used to eat and it makes me sick to think of the things I put in my body. The sad thing is the last three or four years I thought I was eating healthy. Little did I know most of the food I was eating was complete garbage. Knowledge is power! If you own a Ferrari you wouldn't put the cheapest unleaded gas in the fuel tank. You obviously put the highest grade fuel possible. The human body is much more sophisticated and sensitive than any machine man has ever built, yet most of us fill it with the worst possible fuel. The typical western diet would be the equivalent of urinating in your Ferrari's gas tank and expecting it to run properly. Won't work!

Back to the AARSOTA results. I was given four AARSOTA shots in the first round of treatments. Every one of them made me sick in some way. The first one made me extremely sick, probably the sickest I have ever been in my life. I was laid up until Sunday morning, the shot was given on Wednesday. The severity tapered off over the next few weeks. Still being somewhat severe, although no where near the first one. The doctor thought the first AARSOTA of round two could also be very severe. The results were somewhat surprising to him. I had no reaction whatsoever! I met with him yesterday and he said that this could either be very good or very bad. It could be very bad because it meant that my immune system was not working properly and that it was not capable of fighting off the cancer. It could be a good thing meaning that the immune system no longer had anything to fight, therefore there would be no reaction. I am 100 percent confident I had no reaction because the cancer is gone! The doctor thought that it was a very good possibility that was the case since all of my immune markers had dramatically risen. GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!! I am scheduled to do another cancer panel next Wednesday before the second AARSOTA is given. This will give them a better indication of what is going in. In my mind I am completely healthy and cancer free. I believe that is more important than anything the doctor is going to tell me, although I can tell Dr. Buttar suspects I am very close to being out of the woods. He won't concede that just yet, but soon he will. I ask that you continue the thoughts and prayers. I am very close to being done with all of this and getting back to a normal life, although mine will be dramatically changed forever. I will keep everyone informed. It looks like I may go the full four weeks of the second round of treatments, but that could change depending on the results of the second cancer panel next week. Positive thoughts!!!!! I can honestly say that this week I am feeling healthier than I have ever felt in my life. I have said this most weeks but I seem to be feeling a bit stronger and have a touch more energy as the weeks go by. Show me another stage 4 cancer patients going through the rigors of traditional treatments who can honestly say they feel better during their treatments each week. I suspect I would find very few, if any who could honestly admit this. A new patient came to the clinic this week. She is 30 years old, suffering from kidney cancer. She had a kidney removed and went through 4 rounds of chemotherapy. She is paying the price for the decision now. She had to go through a week of detox to remove all of the garbage her oncologists pumped in her. It is going to severely inhibit her chance for a full recovery. Her immune system is in very bad shape and she is very, very sick! She said the chemo was literally killing her. She could not take another day of it! It is sad to see someone so young so sick. We talked a little bit about her treatments, horrible things were done to her! Traditional cancer treatment is so barbaric, I suspect in twenty years when we look back on this period in medicine, it will be looked back on with great sadness and pity for all the of those who suffered and died at the hands of greedy pharmaceutical companies who continually suppress real cures and legitimate treatments in order to sustain their multi billion dollar prophets. Every year there is promise of some new pharmaceutical drug that is going to treat or cure cancer. The death rates from cancer have not improved in fifty years!!!!!!! Although the number of people who get cancer has gone through the roof. The statistics say 1 in 2 men, and one in 3 women. Look around the room you are in, odds are a almost half of you will be dealing with this at some point in your life! Be proactive and takes the necessary steps to prevent this!!!! It can be done!!!!!! These numbers are insane. These so called miracle drugs are complete bullshit! A cure from cancer will never come from the pharmaceutical industry!!!!!! These miracle chemo drugs and radiation are actually known carcinogens. They treat cancer with things that actually cause cancer!! WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?!??!?! Hopefully soon doctors like those mentioned in Susan Somer's book Knockouts, as well as Dr. Buttar will be allowed to practice and heal without worry of being harassed and shut down by the FDA for bullshit reasons. There are literally hundreds of books written entailing the corruption of the FDA and FTC. Look it up if you so choose. The FDA and our elected leaders will hopefully one day serve the citizens of this country rather than the needs of giant evil corporations who poison our earth and the citizens it was created to serve. I am being a bit repetitive hear but that is my point. Most people are brainwashed to believe that cancer is a death sentence, and the only methods of treatment are chemo, radiation and surgery ( myself included until a few months ago). Most of the patients that come to Dr. Buttar's office have come here after unsuccessfully going through all of the "traditional" nonsense ( they allsay the same thing, they would have never gone through traditional treatment had they known better) . They all come in in very bad shape with a much tougher road to recovery than someone like me who had not received any treatment. The nurses and doctor all say the same thing, the patients that do the best are the ones who have come here without any previous treatments. If you know someone with cancer or you yourself have cancer and are looking for answers, do your research before running to the doctor and doing anything. I understand the urgency of wanting to get something done, but that is often a bad decision. Cancer takes many years to develop, therefore a few extra days or a week or so ( in most cases) will not be too big of a deal. Getting all the information is critical if you truly want to come out the other end of this alive. I was a few days from having surgery, radiation and chemo. Had I had chosen this route I most likely would not have the lower part of my right leg, I would be living in a hospital getting poisoned and probably slowly dying. Do your research, question everything your doctor says!!!! They do not have all the answers and they are not in control of your treatment. You Are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The gist of this post is the treatment is going great and I feel I am very near the end of this ordeal. I tend to rant every time a new patient comes in hear and I see the devastating effects of the traditional treatments. It angers me that this lie has been perpetuated for so long. Pharmaceuticals and traditional oncology is a complete failure as far as cancer as concerned (not to mention almost every other type of illness!) Look for better ways. If anyone has any questions feel free to e mail me at I have seen both sides of cancer treatment, without question this is the better way!!!!!! I am proof of this!