Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860) was a German philosopher known for his philosophical clarity. I believe he made one of the most valuable observations on the shifting of human views on truth as he stated that all truth goes through three steps:

1.First, it is ridiculed.
2.Second, it is violently opposed.
3.Finally, it is accepted as self-evident

I think this observation fits the cancer system perfectly. We are brainwashed to believe that cancer has three methods for treatment. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Doctors who dare to challenge this norm or often labeled as quacks or charlatans. I am proof that this norm needs to be changed. Had I gone this route I would be missing my lower right leg, my already weakened immune system would have been obliterated and my risk of contracting cancer later in life would have increased by 9 TIMES!!!!!!! Talk to anyone who has gone through chemo and ask them about the side effects. I see what chemotherapy does to people on a daily basis. Many of the patients here came here because they could no longer tolerate the poisoning of their systems. The pharmaceutical corporations continue to perpetuate this lie to protect their obscene profits. The doctors are taught these lies at the medical schools funded by big pharm. Pharmaceutical companies push their agendas through the medical schools by funding and large grants to researchers at many of the top universiites. It is a brilliantly evil plan developed by one the most corrupt and harmful sectors of business on the planet. The pharmaceutical companies have become so powerful and ruthless they are the ones who make laws in this country regarding health care. The pharmaceutical industry has over 1000 lobbyists in Washington pushing their agendas. The FDA is in the back pocket of this industry, their reach stretches far and wide. We are the ones who suffer from their greed!

I am here to tell you there are much safer, more effective ways of treating cancer. 3 months after diagnosis for stage 4 melanoma my cancer is not longer a threat to my life. I met with Dr. Buttar last Thursday and received some great news. He said my immune system is working properly and the cancer is in defense mode. It is out of my body for good. The spot on my leg that caused this uproar is proof of this. The chemistry of my body has been changed so that cancer can no longer survive. The doctor is waiting for the melanoma site to ulcerate so the remaining cancer literally drains out of my body. The area has become swollen as a result of the cancer having nowhere else to go. The doctor expects the area to start draining any day now. The last tests have shown lactic acid and ammonia pouring out of my body. This is one of the markers he uses to determine what the cancer is doing. I have two more weeks of treatment and then I can go back to life. I am still required to come to the clinic once a week for treatment for a few months. The treatment will then be scaled down to every 2 weeks then down to once a month. The lifestyle changes that I have made will continue the rest of my life. No refined sugars or alcohol. Organic foods only. If their are any added chemicals to the food, can't eat it. This is a tough one, look at the labels of everything you eat. It is difficult to find foods in their natural state at your normal grocery store. All of these things are a fair trade off for a second chance at life!

I urger any of you who are going through something like this to do your research and explore your options. There are a lot of doctors treating cancer patients with non toxic, extremly effective methods similar to what I have done. Do your research, talk to many different doctors and find the one that feels right to you. Going to your doctor and trusting them blindly is not recommended. I am very weary of the medical profession after all of this. The influence of the big pharmaceutical companies has touched most doctors whether they know it or not. The methods they were taught in medical schools are not methods that necessarily are in the best interest of the patients. Rather they serve the best interst of the pharamceutical companies. Doctors have a much greater knowledge of toxic drugs rather than nutrition. This makes no logical sense!!! These drugs are poison, I am seeing the effects firsthand from many of the patients at the clinic. Look at the number of prescriptions written each year. The number of people on Prozac in this country is so high the EPA has reported finding it in our water supply from urine. Prescrbing toxic drugs with horrible side effects is not serving us. The United States pays more money for health care than any other industrialized nation on the planet yet we are 46th in overall health. We are also one of the fattest and sickest nations on the planet. We consume more pharmaceuticals and eat more shit than any nation on the planet. Take control of your own health. Become your own doctor, feed your body what it needs. Our health care system is a complete joke. How is it that the wealthiest, most powerful nation is also one of the sickest. How is it that we lead the world in chronic, preventable diseases? The same reason why we are the most powerful and wealthiest nation. Greed! Educate yourselves on the attrocites being commited by chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Awareness breeds change!

I appreciate all of the support from all of you. I hope you have learned something from my experience. Cancer has been the best learning experience of my entire life! I am convinced had I been another victim of the Cleveland Clinic my life would have taken a totally different route. Please consider the option I have taken if cancer treatment is needed. The more people who reject the current model,which is barbaric and outdated, the better a chance of a change being made. I have seen too many people suffer needlessly at the hands of big pharms poisons. My mother being one of them. It has to stop! There are much better ways! I am proof of this! Thank you to all for your support. I will keep blogging for the forseable future to keep everyone updated on the last few weeks of treatment. Ill continue to pass along information that I think may be useful.


  1. Awesome news Chris! Now we need to figure out a way put the natural treatment option in people's health insurance plans. Maybe you should go to Washington and be a lobbyist...you and Dr Buttar beat cancer! The insurance industry needs to hear stories like yours

  2. I love you Chris!! Thank you for going against the traditional route and teaching us all something in the process!