Thursday, July 1, 2010

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!

I started back this week for the second round of treatments at the Center for Advanced Medicine. So far it has been an eventful week. Monday I had the picc line put back in my arm then a visit to the dentist to talk about removing mercury fillings from my mouth. Those dark fillings that are called silver fillings should be renamed mercury fillings. They contain 50 percent mercury, 20 percent silver and a mixture of a few other metals. The second most toxic substance known to man is implanted inches from our brains. Genius! Ill post more about mercury fillings in the next week or so. You will not believe how dangerous these fillings are. My dentist told me that about 50 percent of fillings put in today are still the mercury fillings which are linked to everything from cancer to Alzheimer's disease. Next time you visit the dentist to have cavities filled make sure you are not receiving mercury. You will pay the price for it down the road. The studies have shown the damage is not realized for 3 to 10 years after they are implanted. More on that later.

The good news is I have been feeling wonderful! I received the AARSOTA shot yesterday which has made me very ill in the past. The doctors did a new AARSOTA vaccine during the break because cancer is so adaptable. They are in a constant battle to stay ahead of the changing disease. Every few weeks the doctor takes what is called a cancer panel. I will explain this to you as best I can with my limited BGSU education. From what I understand, a cancer panel is a blood test sent out to a lab that tests the immune system and how healthy it is functioning. The test has 13 different markers related to the effectiveness of the immune system. For a person with a fully functioning immune system, cancer does not become a problem. Remember,we all of cancer cells in our bodies from birth. A healthy immune system fights them off usually without a problem. Once the body has become toxic and the immune system has been weakened, cancer shows its ugly head. I was tested before treatment and was found to have a weakened immune system. A big part of the treatment is to optimize the body and immune system so it is functioning normally once again. The immune system is the only thing that will fight off and kill cancer for good. Chemo, radiation, and surgery are only temporary options in dealing with cancer. Choosing these routes without some sort of immunotherapy is a recipe for disaster. One does not get cancer with a fully functioning immune system!!!! I have said this many times before but chemo and radiation severely damage an already weakened immune system. Often times chemo and radiation may slow or damage a tumor. The doctors say we got all of the cancer, you are sent home to return to your life as it once was. A few years later the cancer comes back in a different part of the body, usually more dangerous than before. The cancer that survived comes back stronger and resistant to all of the drugs. Bad news! I've seen this first hand with my mother.

The 13 markers for my immune system have all come back at highly elevated levels than the previous test a few weeks before. All of the numbers have come back to normal levels for a fully functioning immune system which is exactly what the doctors were hoping for. The two most important markers for cancer patients have to do with the natural killer cells. The natural killer cells are the soldiers of the immune system. If your natural killer cell activity is within normal range it is a good indication the immune system is strong and functioning properly. My immune system markers were below normal levels when I began the treatments. The natural killer cell activity is also a very important marker. This marker is as obvious as it sounds. If your immune system's killer cells are very strong but lazy, the immune system is not working at full strength. Both of these must be at full strength for the body to keep something like cancer from becoming a problem, in my case a stage 4 melanoma. These numbers from this past cancer panel have risen dramatically to well above normal levels. This is huge news! Once the immune system is working properly and the body has been detoxified, cancer cannot survive. This method for treatment gets rid of cancer for good if the individual chooses to follow the proper lifestyle modifications. That will not be an issue with me. Changing my diet at first was challenging but after seeing the benefits of eating so healthy, I could never go back. I look back on the way I used to eat and it makes me sick to think of the things I put in my body. The sad thing is the last three or four years I thought I was eating healthy. Little did I know most of the food I was eating was complete garbage. Knowledge is power! If you own a Ferrari you wouldn't put the cheapest unleaded gas in the fuel tank. You obviously put the highest grade fuel possible. The human body is much more sophisticated and sensitive than any machine man has ever built, yet most of us fill it with the worst possible fuel. The typical western diet would be the equivalent of urinating in your Ferrari's gas tank and expecting it to run properly. Won't work!

Back to the AARSOTA results. I was given four AARSOTA shots in the first round of treatments. Every one of them made me sick in some way. The first one made me extremely sick, probably the sickest I have ever been in my life. I was laid up until Sunday morning, the shot was given on Wednesday. The severity tapered off over the next few weeks. Still being somewhat severe, although no where near the first one. The doctor thought the first AARSOTA of round two could also be very severe. The results were somewhat surprising to him. I had no reaction whatsoever! I met with him yesterday and he said that this could either be very good or very bad. It could be very bad because it meant that my immune system was not working properly and that it was not capable of fighting off the cancer. It could be a good thing meaning that the immune system no longer had anything to fight, therefore there would be no reaction. I am 100 percent confident I had no reaction because the cancer is gone! The doctor thought that it was a very good possibility that was the case since all of my immune markers had dramatically risen. GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!! I am scheduled to do another cancer panel next Wednesday before the second AARSOTA is given. This will give them a better indication of what is going in. In my mind I am completely healthy and cancer free. I believe that is more important than anything the doctor is going to tell me, although I can tell Dr. Buttar suspects I am very close to being out of the woods. He won't concede that just yet, but soon he will. I ask that you continue the thoughts and prayers. I am very close to being done with all of this and getting back to a normal life, although mine will be dramatically changed forever. I will keep everyone informed. It looks like I may go the full four weeks of the second round of treatments, but that could change depending on the results of the second cancer panel next week. Positive thoughts!!!!! I can honestly say that this week I am feeling healthier than I have ever felt in my life. I have said this most weeks but I seem to be feeling a bit stronger and have a touch more energy as the weeks go by. Show me another stage 4 cancer patients going through the rigors of traditional treatments who can honestly say they feel better during their treatments each week. I suspect I would find very few, if any who could honestly admit this. A new patient came to the clinic this week. She is 30 years old, suffering from kidney cancer. She had a kidney removed and went through 4 rounds of chemotherapy. She is paying the price for the decision now. She had to go through a week of detox to remove all of the garbage her oncologists pumped in her. It is going to severely inhibit her chance for a full recovery. Her immune system is in very bad shape and she is very, very sick! She said the chemo was literally killing her. She could not take another day of it! It is sad to see someone so young so sick. We talked a little bit about her treatments, horrible things were done to her! Traditional cancer treatment is so barbaric, I suspect in twenty years when we look back on this period in medicine, it will be looked back on with great sadness and pity for all the of those who suffered and died at the hands of greedy pharmaceutical companies who continually suppress real cures and legitimate treatments in order to sustain their multi billion dollar prophets. Every year there is promise of some new pharmaceutical drug that is going to treat or cure cancer. The death rates from cancer have not improved in fifty years!!!!!!! Although the number of people who get cancer has gone through the roof. The statistics say 1 in 2 men, and one in 3 women. Look around the room you are in, odds are a almost half of you will be dealing with this at some point in your life! Be proactive and takes the necessary steps to prevent this!!!! It can be done!!!!!! These numbers are insane. These so called miracle drugs are complete bullshit! A cure from cancer will never come from the pharmaceutical industry!!!!!! These miracle chemo drugs and radiation are actually known carcinogens. They treat cancer with things that actually cause cancer!! WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?!??!?! Hopefully soon doctors like those mentioned in Susan Somer's book Knockouts, as well as Dr. Buttar will be allowed to practice and heal without worry of being harassed and shut down by the FDA for bullshit reasons. There are literally hundreds of books written entailing the corruption of the FDA and FTC. Look it up if you so choose. The FDA and our elected leaders will hopefully one day serve the citizens of this country rather than the needs of giant evil corporations who poison our earth and the citizens it was created to serve. I am being a bit repetitive hear but that is my point. Most people are brainwashed to believe that cancer is a death sentence, and the only methods of treatment are chemo, radiation and surgery ( myself included until a few months ago). Most of the patients that come to Dr. Buttar's office have come here after unsuccessfully going through all of the "traditional" nonsense ( they allsay the same thing, they would have never gone through traditional treatment had they known better) . They all come in in very bad shape with a much tougher road to recovery than someone like me who had not received any treatment. The nurses and doctor all say the same thing, the patients that do the best are the ones who have come here without any previous treatments. If you know someone with cancer or you yourself have cancer and are looking for answers, do your research before running to the doctor and doing anything. I understand the urgency of wanting to get something done, but that is often a bad decision. Cancer takes many years to develop, therefore a few extra days or a week or so ( in most cases) will not be too big of a deal. Getting all the information is critical if you truly want to come out the other end of this alive. I was a few days from having surgery, radiation and chemo. Had I had chosen this route I most likely would not have the lower part of my right leg, I would be living in a hospital getting poisoned and probably slowly dying. Do your research, question everything your doctor says!!!! They do not have all the answers and they are not in control of your treatment. You Are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The gist of this post is the treatment is going great and I feel I am very near the end of this ordeal. I tend to rant every time a new patient comes in hear and I see the devastating effects of the traditional treatments. It angers me that this lie has been perpetuated for so long. Pharmaceuticals and traditional oncology is a complete failure as far as cancer as concerned (not to mention almost every other type of illness!) Look for better ways. If anyone has any questions feel free to e mail me at I have seen both sides of cancer treatment, without question this is the better way!!!!!! I am proof of this!