Monday, September 13, 2010


Here is an excerpt from a very revealing book, THE HUNDRED YEAR LIE.

" Toxins expert Doris J Rapp warns us that the rules have been written in such a way that we can never know what is safe until people or animals in the wild begin suffering. The Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 allows chemicals to be sold and used unless they are proven to be a risk. The EPA, however, does not conduct its own safety tests, but relies on research conducted by the manufactures. Yes, you read it correctly. Is the fox in charge of designing the chicken coop?"

"Over the past three decades, chemical companies have provided the EPA with health data for only about 15 percent of the tens of thousands of new synthetic chemicals that have been introduced into the marketplace, according to a 2005 report by the Government Acountability Office, the investigative arm of the US Congress. EPA does not routinely assess existing chemicals, had limited information on their health and environmental risks, and has issued few regulations controlling such chemicals."

"When it comes to chemicals added to cosmetics and many other personal care products, the FDA knows as much about the safety as you do. Under FDA regulations neither cosmetic products nor cosmetic ingredients are reviewed or approved by the FDA before they are sold to the public. Ever consumer uses an average of 9 personal care products containing 126 separate ingredients each day, estimates the Environmental WOrking Group, AND AT LEAST ONE THIRD OF THESE INGREDIENTS HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED AS CAUSING CANCER OR OTHER SERIOUS HEALTH PROBLEMS"

Our government is not going to protect you from garbage like this. I was talking to a friend the other day about all of this nonsense and he said he believed he didnt need to think about things like this because the government and the manufactures of these products were looking out for the consumer. Nothing could be further from the truth!!!!!!!!!! The government cares about protecting giant multi national corporations that fund their campaigns. The giant corporations care about profit. Reliance on them will not keep you healthy.

Many of you have asked me what cosmetic and cleaning products I use. Most of the things bought in the grocery store or Cvs, Target should be avoided. I have done my research and found a lot of good products. I think the site is the best way to see if your product is safe. Throughout the course of the day we are exposed to so many toxins, many from our bath and beauty products. Thankfully I don't need to many beauty products to maintain my lovely appearance.

I use Dr Bronner's magic soap for the shower. I also use it as a shampoo, although I do not have a lot of hair so you may have to do your own research as far as that is concerned. Dr. Bronner's is made from all organic, natural substances. There are no added chemicals, perfumes or any of that nonsense. This soap can be used for just about anything. You can use it as body soap, hand soap, dish and dishwasher soap. It can be used for washing clothes and cleaning around the house. It is good stuff!!!! These products are usually found at health food stores, they can also be found online.

After a lot of searching I came across a good hand soap. Dr. Bronner's can also be used for this but this is a bit cheaper. The brand name is CLEAN WELL. This is actually sold at Target which was suprising. It is very safe and non toxic. Highly recommended. Most of the typical brands you are used to using are full of harsh chemicals that should not be rubbed on the skin.

CITRASOLV is a great dish soap as well as a household cleaning product. I found this at EarthFare for those of you who live in the south. I am sure it can be found at health food stores everywhere. Household cleaners have been found to be especially dangerous with young children around. They want to put everything in their mouths and often times the cleaner ends up there. Bad news!!!!!!

Deodorant is also one that has proven to be extremely harmful. Most of the products contain aluminum which is then absorbed into the skin. We don't want aluminum in our bodies!!!! It is responsible for many of the auto immune diseases many of use face today. I have read a lot of reports regarding the incidence of breast cancer and deodorants. I used a lot of the typical brands previous and they all turned out to be terribly toxic. The best I have found is the THAI CRYSTAL DEODORANT STONE. It is a stick of salt. Pretty bizarre but it works well! No yellow pit stains on the t shirts with this one either. This has absolutely no toxicity to it at all. One of the best products I have found. Health food stores usually care this. IF you cant find it there check out

This list should at least point some of you in the right direction. I made the mistake of assuming all of the products at the health food store were safe. I bought a lot of items and later found out they were just as bad as big brand name products. I can assure you all of the ones listed above are high quality and safe. I do not get paid for any of this, although if any of these companies would like to send me a check I would happily cash it!!! Dupont is watching, hopefully a quality company that produces non cancer causing products is also watching. This website is a great asset to all of us. Many of chemicals in bath and body products are causing cancer. A good rule of thumb is if you cant eat it, dont rub it on your skin. That goes for lotions, soaps, makeup, deodorant, and anything else. Most of the big name brands you find everywhere have tested highly toxic and should be avoided.

If any of you have found better products please let me know!!!!!