Thursday, June 10, 2010


Burton Goldberg wrote the bible on alternative medicine many years ago. He is considered by many as the most knowledgeable man on the planet regarding cancer treatments. I have been doing a lot of reading on the subject and Burton's name was included in almost every book. I became curious as to who the man was so I did some research for myself. He has committed his life to researching many types of medicine pertaining to cancer, depression, addiction and a slew of other diseases and disorders. It seems as though cancer is his main focus. Two of the patients who are currently receiving treatment at the Center for Advanced Medicine with me were both referred by Burton Goldberg. They both said Burton Goldberg told them Dr. Buttar was the best in the world at treating cancer! I was in the clinic yesterday to pick up some supplements and the doctor asked me to come into an exam room. A thirty year old girl was in the middle of the consultation and she asked to talk to me. She told me she had never met anyone else with stage 4 cancer and was in the midst of making a decision whether to continue down the path of traditional medicine or opt for a treatment that actually works. She recently had her kidney removed and was undergoing chemotherapy. She looked awful to say the least! To see someone my age looking like that is so sad! It sounded as though she and her family's eyes had recently been opened to the atrocities of the CANCER BUSINESS! She was obviously not doing well and she told me something was telling her there was another way. She called Burton and he told her the same thing he told the other two ladies. He is the best in the world, if you want to rid your body of cancer, Dr. Buttar is the best option on the planet!!!!!!! I hope she makes the right decision. The reason I am telling you all this is because I want to give you the information if any of you or your loved ones are facing a similar situation. I would tell everyone I know who is faced with a cancer diagnosis to have a consultation with Dr. Buttar immediately. I would also like to give you Burton Goldberg as a reference as well. He knows what is going on all over the world as it pertains to cancer treatment. He is familiar with traditional, alternative and experimental treatments all over the world. I was told he called all three of the ladies back within the hour and spent as much time as they needed going over all of their options. They were all led to Dr. Buttar. One lady was from Richmond, another from DC and the last girl was from upstate New York.

Here is the website. All three ladies were called back the same day. Two were called back within the hour. He knows more than anyone on the planet. If you are facing a difficult decision and are looking for answers, he is the man. Hopefully this provides some answers. Pass this on if you know someone who is looking for help.

Also here is the website for Dr. Buttar's office. He treats ailments ranging from cancer, arthritis, ALS, auto immune disorders and autism to name a few. He has testified before the US Congress regarding his son's reversal of autism and his protocols which have reversed 1000 cases!!!!!!!!!! He usually has between 3 and 10 different autistic patients per week. The children have come from all over the world to receive treatment. Many walk out of the clinic normal children again, although it may take years for the treatment to work. I have spoken to a few of the parents and the story is all the same. They were completely healthy, normal children until they received their vaccines. Autism sets in, they come to the center for advanced medicine. The children ALL test for ridiculously high levels of mercury. The doctor uses chelation therapy, which pulls mercury and other toxic metals out of the body. The kids improve. You do the math!!!!!! It amazes me how the medical community continues to deny that mercury poisoning has nothing to do with autism ( which has more to do with the lawsuits that would follow than the actual truth). Autism went from being vitually non existent in the the 1970's to almost 1 in 100 chldren today. I see these children every day. Autisim is a terrible thing! The parents and the staff at the clinic don't lie. If you know anyone who was gone through the traditional methods without answers, this may be your best bet.