Friday, January 28, 2011


Here are some of the photos taken throughout the year of the melanoma on my leg. Unfortunately I do not have the photos from the beginning. It looked like a very small, oddly shaped mole. It did not start growing outward until I started treatments. Melanoma typically grows down and inside the body. Part of the treatment was to strengthen the immune system so the body would push the cancer out my body. That goal was achieved. It started off about half the size of a pinkie nail and grew to about the size of a silver dollar before it was finally removed. It was amazing when removed the area around the melanoma site was completely clean and clear of any type of cancer. The melanoma had become completely walled off as a result of treatments. During the initial consult Dr. Buttar predicted this sequence exactly. We were hoping for the legion to fall off at some point but we decided to remove it after it started to decay. Amazing stuff!!!! Our immune systems were designed to fight off cancer and know how to do it much better than any doctor or drug. Dr. Buttar will be the first to say that all he does is facilitate the body's natural capacity to heal. Clean out the garbage and amazing things can happen!!!!!